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Faculty of Arts

Message from the Dean

Welcome! Soyez les bienvenus! E kaabo! Nnor! Sannu de zuwa! !مرحبا بك/ أهلا وسهلا

I welcome you to the Faculty of Arts, where we build people as citizens of our great country, Nigeria, as well as create human capital as asset for the nation. I say to you that you have made the right decision by choosing to study the liberal arts. No matter where we go and what we do, humanity is the core of all existence. Technology without humanness is disaster waiting to happen! 

Our programmes are aimed at bringing out the best of your humanity, excellence in social engineering and making human interaction productive. If you hold on to these core elements, your stay in our Faculty will be most fruitful. The Departments currently in the Faculty are: Department of English, Department of Linguistics, Foreign and Nigerian Languages, Department of Philosophy and Department of Religious Studies.

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Once again, I welcome you to the Faculty of Arts. This is where your creativity and human best are moulded and activated. We are conscious of our place as culture builders that lead to culture sustenance. If there is no culture, the society is gone. We are also the ones that build the minds to critically think and assess issues objectively. We help you to learn to create a world that can be desired, which is the height of applying the human brain – creativity. We are also those that help you find religion in a non-dogmatic way but in a way that is productive to your life and helpful to our society. No matter where you are from on the globe, we welcome you to our Faculty with open arms, believing that you will greatly enjoy your stay with us and gain value and impact from our interaction with you.

 Finally, we acknowledge God that has been the best partner to keep taking our Faculty higher and higher to the zenith where we know we shall soon be as we continue to serve you all in excellence.

 Professor Iyabode Omolara Akewo Nwabueze

Professor Iyabode Omolara Akewo Nwabueze

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts


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