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BA Islamic Studies

Department of  Religious Studies
Faculty of Arts



In response to public demand, the University set up a technical committee to develop Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes for Islamic and Arabic Studies. The committee has Professor Y. A. Quadri of the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin, as chairman; while Prof. M. O. Opeloye, Prof. Isiaka Pedro and Mallam Ibrahim Muazzam, were members. The Committee discussed the course outlines, course descriptions, entry requirements, duration of programmes and rules leading to the award of the Degree, Diploma and Certificate. It completed its work on Wednesday 17th November, 2004 and submitted its report to the Vice chancellor on the 19th November, the same year. 



This BA Islamic Studies programme is directed at producing specially trained manpower who are equipped with the knowledge and special skills for utilizing Islamic Knowledge.


To provide functional, cost-effective and flexible learning, that adds life-long value to quality of education, for all who seek knowledge, which are in line with National Policy on education and within the bounds of those of the National Open University of Nigeria.


To produce quality graduands of Islamic Studies with broad specialization and competence in Islamic Studies to meet with current challenges and demands.


Islam as a religion and culture had been and is still the way of life of  about a quarter of the world population and millions of Nigerians, particularly most of those living in areas now known as Northern States, Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Edo, Ogun, Ondo, Kwara, Ekiti and Delta States.


The aims of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies therefore are to:

  1. Acquaint the students with the broad outlines of Islam as a way of life.
  2. Prepare the students to understand Islam and be able to relate it to the contemporary society.
  3. Train the students for the growing national need for manpower in the following areas.
  4. Education: with particular reference to secondary and tertiary institutions.
  5. Civil Service: both public and private.
  6. International Relations: Most especially the OPEC, Arab and Muslim Countries.
  7. Research into impact of Arabic and Islam with reference to West Africa and Nigeria in particular.
  8. To meet the desire of Nigerians who want exposure to Islamic Culture, Education and Law for everyday use.


On the completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies, the student is expected to:

  1. have acquired a mastery of the broad outlines of Islam as a way of life.
  2. have understood Islam and relate it to the contemporary society.
  3. be competent and well prepared for the growing need for manpower in the secondary and tertiary institutions, the Civil Service, and both public and private organisations.
  4. and would have acquired adequate exposure to Islamic culture, education and law for everyday use.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into BA Islamic Studies, the candidate is expected to have one of the following:

  1. Four Year Programme

To be admitted for the eight semesters BA Degree in Islamic Studies, Candidate is expected to have the following:

i. 5 credits in SSCE, GCE ‘O’ level or 5 merits in NABTED or TC II examinations in Arts or Social Science subjects. The credit passes must include English Language and Mathematics.

ii. Certificate in Arabic and Islamic Studies in addition to three O’ Level papers or the equivalent, including a pass in English Language.

iii. Senior Islamic Studies Certificate (SISC) or Higher Muslim Studies Certificate (HMSC) or Higher Islamic Studies Certificate (HISC) with five Credits in Arabic, Islamic Studies and any other three subjects including pass in English Language.

2. Three Year Programme

To be admitted to the six semesters BA degree programme in Islamic Studies, the candidate is required to have at least one of the following:

i. The National Certificate of Education with merit pass in English Language in addition to a credit pass in Arabic or Islamic Studies.

ii. Diploma in Arabic and/or Islamic Studies from reputable Institutions.

iii. GCE Advanced level, OND with evidence of proficiency in Arabic and/or Islamic Studies.

Graduation Requirements

For graduation with a BA degree in Islamic Studies, an eight Semester programme student must have a minimum of 120 Units including minimum of 18 Credit Units of the electives while a six Semester programme student must have a minimum of 90 Units including GST and other University’s compulsory courses.

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