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Information for New Students

Faculty of Arts

As you would have observed, admissions and registration are fully automated. Prospective students’ applications pass through a set of criteria following NUC guidelines. Successful candidates are issued provisional letters of admission, subject to the presentation of their credentials for verification at the Study Centre. The flexible nature of the University’s programmes allows candidates to register online for maximum number of credit units in a semester.

The remaining section acquaints students with the information on various activities concerning the students freshly admitted. Most of these pieces of information are usually provided during the orientation programme organised for the new students of the University. These include procedures for major and important academic activities like registration, procedures for deferment and change of programmes/course.


Orientation programme is the first official academic programme organised to familiarise the new students with their various Centres, the University Management and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) operations.  It takes place at the beginning of every academic session, during which the students are exposed to Open and Distance Learning (ODL) systems. The orientation programme takes place at the Study Centres, and gives students the opportunity to learn about the various facilities and support services that will enhance their learning. Information about the orientation programme is sent to students through SMS. They are encouraged to attend, as it will assist them to commence their programmes on good footing.

The Study Centres are the first contact points for students in NOUN; and they serve as the information point for all students. The staff at the Study Centre advise and assist students, among other things, in the selection and registration of courses as well as the use of ICT facilities. They also give guidance and counselling services. Apart from this, the programme gives the great opportunity to students to ask questions on various issues concerning their academic careers. As a new student, you will receive information about the orientation programme through an SMS. You are advised to attend the orientation programme, as this will assist you to commence your programme on good footing and, of course, enjoy a stress free journey towards attaining your desired goal for enrolling on the programme.


To defer admission, a student is required to write to the Registrar though the Study Centre Director, with evidence of his/her admission and course registration.


Registered Students Who Wish to Change their Programme of Study

The student does application for change of academic programme at the Centre, in not less than 10 weeks to the commencement of examinations, following the procedure below:

  • Students should obtain Change of Programme forms from the Study Centre after the payment of a 5,000.00 fee. The student should fill and return same to the Study Centre, attaching all the necessary credentials and evidence of payment.
  • The reason(s) for the change of programme should be clearly stated, and the form signed by the Study Centre Director.
  • The Faculty will treat the application(s) and inform the student(s) through the Academic Office of its decision.

 New Students Wrongly Admitted into Programmes

  1. The Study Centre Directors will inform the Faculty through the Academic Office.
  2. The Directorate of MIS will enable the Faculty’s Admission Officer to re-initialise the admission process and access the platform for the Change of Programme.
  3. General Studies courses Candidates will then be requested to go back to their portals to print new admission letters with the correct Programmes applied for. 

Credit Transfer

A student may be allowed some credit for courses s/hee has taken and passed previously in another university prior to his/her admission into NOUN. For credit transfer or request for exemption, the student should apply to the Registrar, and the application will be determined in line with the University’s policy on credit transfer


In the spirit of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and the flexibility that comes with the mode, a student is qualified to apply for deferment of examination(s). The deferment permits a temporary postponement of participation in examination(s).

The guidelines of the policy include but not limited to the following:

A. Owing to the peculiarities of the Open and Distance Learning system, which gives room for flexibility, students are allowed to defer their examinations as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Such students must have fully registered for the semester
  2. Such students must have registered for the Examinations
  3. Application for deferment must be received before the start of Examinations.

B. All applications are to be endorsed and forwarded to the Registrar through the Study Centre Directors.

C. All applications should be backed with relevant documents and a desk officer in the Registry is assigned to check the authenticity of the documents.

D. Students whose applications are received and approved and who have paid examination registration fees before the examinations are not to pay registration fee for the same examinations when they are ready to take them.

E.  A dedicated portal would be opened within the time frame of one month before the commencement of examinations for deferment cases.

F. The request for deferment attracts no fee.

Applications for deferment as a result of emergencies such as illness, accident, death or serious illness of person in the immediate family or any other person with whom the student has a similarly close relationship, which requires the student’s attention, etc. shall be addressed at the discretion of the Management.

This policy took effect from March 2015. 

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