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MA Islamic Studies Couse Outline

Department of  Religious Studies
Faculty of Arts

List of Courses for MA Islamic Studies

Learners are expected to take at least one elective course in EACH of the first and the second semesters.
Candidates who are not graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria or who have no experience in the distance learning system of education will be required to take GST 807: The Good Study Guide.

First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
ISL801Research Methods3C
ISL803Basic Sources on Islamic Studies3E
ISL805Revivalism and Revivalist Movements in Islam3E
ISL813Advanced Qur’anic Studies3C
ISL835Islamic Legal Works3C
ISL837Islam and Sharī'ah in Nigeria3E
ISL861Philosophy: Al-Ghazāl vs Ibn Rushd3E
PCR815Peace Building and Humanitarianism3E
ISL875Islam in the Modern World3C
ISL839A Reader in the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence3E
ALL801Fundamentals of Arabic Translation and Conversation3E
Total Credit Units15
Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
ISL802Postgraduate Seminar3C
ISL804Islamic Studies in West Africa3C
ISL822Advanced Study of Hadith3C
ISL840Reason and Revelation (Mu’tazilism and Ash’arism)3C
ISL846The Shī‘ah3E
ISL858Tasawwuf: Mystical Dimensions in Islam3E
ISL874A Reader in Muslim Historiography: The Muqaddimah3E
ISL878Islam and the West3E
PCR822International Law and Peace3E
Total Credit Units15
Third Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
Total Credit Units6
Summary of Distribution of minimum Course Credits to be earned by Learner

1st Semester12315
2nd Semester9312
3rd Semester6 -6

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